Transfer WEALTH and POWER back to the PEOPLE

TRANSFERRING POWER TO THE PEOPLE by making people wealthy

You might not think it is, but your dollar is worthless. The cash in your pocket is just paper and the digits in your bank account are just numbers on a screen. The US dollar has no real value. But it used to have real value. Our dollar used to be backed by gold, now it is backed by nothing.


We must return to the gold standard and sound money in order to transfer power and wealth back to the people.

TRANSFERRING POWER TO the people through local government

People are most empowered when we make the decisions for ourselves, our families and our communities.


Therefore, we must transfer the power that does not belong to our federal government and return it to the states, local governments and people where it belongs as people are more empowered and able to make decisions when governments closest to them make the decisions.

TRANSFERRING POWER TO THE PEOPLE BY ending the career politician

The people do not have the power because politicians no longer work for the people as they are supposed to, rather, they work for the system and their own benefit.


One very popular proposal amongst the people is term limits, for obvious reasons. However, We The People Coalition advocate for something even better, putting true public servants into office and politicians who do not want a career in politics or government.


Our Constitution is the framework of our country and clearly defines the roles and powers of our government. Furthermore, it explicitly outlines the concept of federalism.


Unfortunately, our Constitution has NOT been adhered to for a very long time but we must adhere to it once again as a country if we are to take our power back.

transferring power to the people by getting money out of politics

Money has corrupted our political process, it always has. Billions and billions of dollars are spent just to keep corrupt politicians in office who do not care about the people.


Undoing this nightmare will put an end to the system’s power and the power of the corrupt politicians.

transferring power to the people through one bill, one subject.

An empowered people are an educated and informed people, and it is simply not possible for the people to be educated and informed when bills are hundreds, if not thousands of pages long and written to where only legal experts can understand them.


Any bill our politicians introduce and vote on must be simple, concise, easy to understand and consist of no more than one subject per bill.

The people have the power. All we have to do is awaken the power within the people.

John Lennon

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