Have you ever read an entire bill our politicians vote on?

A better question would be this instead. Do you think our politicians read these bills? The answer is probably no, especially bills that are nearly 3,000 pages long!

So why do our politicians write lengthy, difficult to read bills that are crammed full of many topics and issues? Why would a vote for one bill result in many different outcomes? Do you think any honest and ethical public servant would do such a thing? 

Obviously not, and the simple answer as to why they do these things is because many politicians are corrupt and bought and paid for. They want these bills to be lengthy and difficult to read so they can sneak something into the bill that benefits them. Politicians, on BOTH sides of the political aisle, Republican and Democrat alike, do this.

Furthermore, an empowered people are a well-informed and educated people. Lengthy bills written in “lawyer-speak” make it nearly impossible for the people to be well-informed and educated about what bills are being voted on and passed.

One solution to this problem is already in the process, H.R 46 of the 117th Congress was introduced in January of 2021 which would restrict our lawmakers to only introduce bills of only one subject. This is an amazing bill and we can only hope it passes, but this is asking the corrupt politicians to stop being corrupt which they will not do.

Therefore, if we cannot rely on the corrupt politicians to stop being corrupt, that means we must fill the system with true public servants. Public servants who simply won’t vote on bills they didn’t, or cannot read due to extreme length, and public servants who would not write and introduce lengthy bills with more than one subject to begin with.

Again, an empowered people are a well-informed and educated people, and we cannot be well-informed and educated if bills are lengthy and difficult to read. Bills must be simple, concise, easy to read by the masses and consist of no more than one subject.

If we want power transferred back to the people, we the people, of all political parties, must unite and only vote for candidates who will pledge to be true public servants. We must cast our egos and differences aside and only vote for politicians who will pledge to only introduce bills and only vote on bills that are no more than one subject, no more than 10 pages in length, and bills that are easily understood by the American people.

That is how WE THE PEOPLE will take our power back.