Bringing back the true meaning of "public servant"

Political office used to be a service and a sacrifice for one's country...what happened?

People used to not want to run for political office, at least that was the mindset when our country was founded. Holding political office is supposed to be a chore, something no one really wants to do. Something someone choose to do out love for one’s country. But now politicians want to stay in office for as long as they want because political office has become a pathway to personal profits and power. So what can be done about this?

A popular solution by an overwhelming majority of the American people is term limits, but that is asking the corrupt politicians to limit their own power and we know they will never do that. Career politicians fall on both sides of the political aisle who serve their own interests and the special interest groups, not the people, and there are many of these politicians.

Therefore the solution proposed by the coalition is simple. The people must unite and only vote for a candidate or politician who does not want a career in politics or government. This way, we will not ask the corrupt politicians to stop being corrupt, we will instead replace them with true public servants. We need to fill the system, from the federal level to the local level of government all throughout our country with people who intend to serve in political office for only a short period of time, then return to the life they lived before.

The corrupt politicians will never put a cap on their own power, so it is time for the people to take back control of our government.

We the people must unite by not focusing on our political differences, rather, only voting for people who will return to the life they lived before running for office after a short time of service.