the following is the people's grievances directed at our government and corrupt politicians.

Our government is supposed to serve the people, yet it rules over the people. Our politicians are supposed to represent the people, yet they represent their donors and the special interests who can fund their campaigns. The people are supposed to rule, yet you divided us in order to convince us we are each other’s enemies so you can take control. Our freedoms and individual liberties which give us power continue to be stripped away yet you do nothing about it. We look to the government to provide basic services to the people yet over the years, government has grown inefficient and bloated due to excessive red-tape and regulations. This makes providing necessary and basic services to the public oftentimes unobtainable or too costly. You took a vow to uphold our Constitution yet it is blatantly obvious you do not live up to that oath.

The money we create by our labor which is taken from us, by you in the form of taxes should be spent for the public good and in our best interest, yet you spend our money in a wasteful and fraudulent manner. You launder our money through private institutions and non-governmental organizations in order to benefit yourself and your friends who use this money to donate to your campaigns. The blatant money laundering and abuse of our money remains unchecked and no one is held accountable. You use our money to interfere with foreign affairs at the behest of special interests which creates bigger conflicts and breeds generations of people who hate our country. This is contrary to not only the interests and well-being of the American people, but contrary to the interests of the people of the world.

Many of us are unable to buy into the housing market as first-time buyers due to skyrocketing costs for homes. Excessive government regulations which drive up the cost to build homes combined with the interest rates set by the federal reserve that you fail to control make it extremely difficult for anyone to purchase a home and begin to build wealth. You should be reducing regulations to make it easier to build homes so the supply of homes can meet the demand in order to make homes more affordable.

In an effort to take control of our health care under the false guises of “health care for all” or “free health care”, you demand, with threats and coercion, that the American people spend their money on health insurance. You then allow these health insurance companies to coordinate with hospitals to inflate the cost of healthcare services beyond the point of what the American people can afford in order to both justify their existence and gain public support to allow you to take control of our health care. You refuse to seek common sense, free-market pathways to drive down the cost of healthcare.

The federal reserve recklessly prints too much money, the major driver of inflation, which has plummeted the value of our dollar to historic lows which drives up the costs of goods and services, all of which hinders our ability to grow our wealth. The destabilization of our economy and currency is intentional in order to transfer wealth to the rich. The looming threat of an implementation of a central bank digital currency, which will transfer control of money from we the people to the few, threatens the privacy and economic freedoms of all Americans. Our wages are not rising nearly as fast as the cost of goods and services due to your monetary policies. Our dollar continues to get weaker as excess dollars are inserted into the money supply.

The public education system is a failed experiment. The “dumbing down” and overt sexualization of children is both intentional and ripe within the government (public) school systems. You do not set children up for success in the government school system. Useless knowledge is shoved down children’s throats while key information and necessary life-lessons go deliberately untaught. You block school choice initiatives and refuse to promote alternative measures of education so we may break free from the shackles of the failed government education experiment and equip the next generation with the necessary knowledge for their success.

Owning one’s own small business is perhaps our best ability to grow our wealth and become financially independent, but you do not want that, you want us dependent on you. In an effort to keep us from growing our wealth, keep us dependent on you and transfer wealth to your rich friends, you unfairly shut down our small businesses during the COVID pandemic while larger corporate stores were allowed to remain open. You attempted to classify us as either essential or non-essential. You threatened and coerced us to take an experimental vaccine which you lied to the American people about its safety and efficacy. You worked with private companies to silence the voice of the American people who questioned your narrative. All of this was done to take power and wealth away us so you can keep it for yourselves and your friends. No one has been held accountable for these actions.

You have no compassion and empathy for the less fortunate by allowing our southern border to remain wide open and insecure. You not only have a blatant disregard for protecting our border but you help facilitate the mass-migration of illegal immigrants into our country which fuels a humanitarian crisis such as human trafficking, drug trafficking and the abuse of women and children. This allows deadly drugs such as fentanyl to enter our country and killing many at an alarming rate. You place the needs of non-citizens throughout our country over the needs of the very citizens who pay your salaries and who you are supposed to represent.

You pander to the American people, tell us what we want to hear and do the opposite. You spew divisive rhetoric to your political opponents on purpose to enflame political tensions. You push narratives to the American people using the media to keep us lost and confused. You drive a wedge between the American people and convince us we are each other’s enemies.

You refuse to hold yourselves accountable, you fail to audit yourselves and refuse to spend the money you take from us in a just, fair, ethical and responsible manner. You have recklessly managed to get us and our country into over thirty three trillion dollars worth of debt yet you demand, with threats of fines and imprisonment, that you tax a large amount of the money we generate with our labor. You vote to raise your own salaries, while the laws you pass and policies you force on the American people make it difficult for us to build our wealth and become free and prosperous. You use the knowledge granted to you from your elected position of public office to enrich yourselves. Most of the bills you vote on are excessively lengthy, some exceeding multiple thousands of pages in length. We know you do not read these bills in their entirety, and we know these bills are lengthy on purpose so you can hide things from the American public.

You allow food manufacturers to put harmful ingredients into the food they sell to us. These harmful ingredients make us sick and cause disease. Pharmaceutical companies then take advantage of these sicknesses and diseases and sell us drugs to treat the symptom but not the root cause. 

You’ve have wrongfully convinced us that we solely need a college degree in order to be successful, regardless of the field of study. As a result, many of us get into crippling debt which we cannot afford to pursue worthless degrees which we will never use. You have inserted yourself into the student loan business. As a result, the price of student loans are over-inflated and many of us now have crippling student debt for a degree we will never use, which prevents us from building wealth and assets. You give our tax dollars to many higher education institutions that no longer equip the next generation for success, but rather, indoctrinate them with radical ideologies that cause them to hate our country and our country’s rich and vibrant history.

You turn a blind eye to people taking advantage of programs such as welfare, disability and unemployment. You negligently give our tax dollars away to people abusing these programs, which are designed to help those in need. Your entitlement programs create generations of dependent people on you who are therefore unable to break free from these cycles of dependency and create wealth for themselves. As a result, fewer people who truly need the assistance are unable to be helped.

The over-regulation of the American people makes it extremely difficult for us to build wealth and pass that wealth down to the next generation. You deliberately over-regulate us so we cannot compete with your wealthy friends who fund your campaigns. Under your watch, regulations, which your wealthy friends can manage, continue to grow and continue to be a burden on our ability to become wealthy. Furthermore, the general growth of government throughout our country, the growing number of privacy violations by our government onto the people, the mass centralization of power in and around Washington DC and the abuse of powers such as the abuse of executive orders continues to be an ever growing threat to the people’s liberty and prosperity.

Our elections are not secure. They are ripe with fraud and abuse which allows the corrupt to remain in power. Universal mail-in ballots allow corrupt actors to harvest ballots for their political gain. Voter rolls throughout our country are inaccurate. Voting by machine is ripe with error. All of this subverts the will of the people who are supposed to rule and decreases trust in our government.