Uniting behind what is good, what is right.

We need to separate good from evil, and right from wrong.

Are we going to have our disagreements? Absolutely, yes, many of them.


But those disagreements shouldn’t divide us.


And right now, we are letting those disagreements divide us into separate camps, meanwhile very few evil people are taking advantage of good people who are divided.

Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Green Party, Conservatives, Progressives, Left, Right, Moderates, Independents and more.  

Look at all those labels. Look at all those camps. Good, moral and decent people are part of all of those camps and others but we let our disagreements divide us and as a result, evil people rule.

What is good? What is evil?

No, a disagreement you might have with someone over a tax policy or an environmental regulation doesn’t make that person evil. That just means we are human and those disagreements are not only ok…they are healthy and necessary to have a flourishing society.

Deep down, at our core we all know what is good and what is evil.

We all know what is right and what is wrong.

Politicians on both sides of the political aisle voting on legislation and getting our country into 30+ trillion dollars into debt and inflating our dollar into worthlessness is wrong. Yet we keep voting them into office and power because the good people are not united.

Meanwhile, politicians spending our money responsibly would be right, good, just and moral. But we do not have that.

Politicians causing foreign conflicts, wars and destabilizing nations. Major banks pillaging the American people and getting rich by making it nearly impossible to own a home outright. Governments over taxing us, over-regulating us and fraudulently spending our money. Corporations lobbying politicians to get a result that they want that are contrary to the will of the people. Large food manufacturers abusing animals and putting harmful additives into our food supply to increase their bottom line which end up making us sick. Pharmaceutical companies making us dependent on their products for profits which supposedly cure us of these sicknesses. An exploding homeless and fentanyl crisis.

All of this seems almost…normal. But it isn’t. We just think it is the norm because it is all we know. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

We all know, deep down, that our politicians can solve these problems, and quite quickly, but they do not want to because good people do not rule. Evil people rule.

And these are just a very small sample of things that are wrong. Things that are immoral. Things that are evil. Yet they happen all the time simply because the good people are divided and ruled by evil people due to our division.

The full list of what is wrong, immoral and evil is probably too long to list. But at the end of the day, we should be able to call wrong and evil for what it is and not be afraid to do so.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Proverbs 29:2

What is the solution?

We the people must unite and refuse to let our disagreements divide us.


We must be hyper-focused on undoing corruption and refuse to let our disagreements distract us from that objective.

We must put aside our egos, shake off our apathy, count our blessings, take nothing for granted, understand everything we enjoy is being torn apart by design, and get in the game.

We the people must come together and only vote for a candidate endorsed by We The People Coalition.

The coalition will endorse brave, bold and righteous leaders who will stand firm in the face of evil, undo corruption and return power back to the people where it rightfully belongs.