We The People Coalition Endorses Candidates Who Will:

Be Independent

Run for office as an independent in order to be free from the demands and influences of a political party.

Embrace federalism

Power to the people means letting the people make the decisions. Power must be transferred out of our federal government and back to the states and people.

Not seek a career in public office

End the career politician by pledging to not seek a career as a politician by serving in public office for no more than 12 years.

Adhere to our constitution

Strictly adhere to our Constitution, not loosely interpret it to drive through a political agenda.

Be independently funded

Not take money from any organization, corporation, company, political party, union, special interest group or PAC at any time on the campaign trail or while in public office. 100% of donations for a political campaign must directly be from individual people.

Simplify Legislation

Only introduce and vote on legislation that is limited to one subject, 10 pages maximum, simple concise and easy to understand.

Reduce our national debt & return us to the gold standard

Our national debt is exploding and increasing at a rapid pace due to reckless federal spending. We must reduce federal spending to address our national debt and return our country to the gold standard (federal candidates only).

Stop raising their own salary

Political office is the only job that exists, where you and your colleagues can raise your own salary. Any salary raises for politicians must be requested by the politicians and approved by the people they represent.

Spend the people's money as if it is their own

Aggressively tackle waste, fraud and abuse of the people's taxes.

Embrace "consent of the governed."

Politicians derive their power and authority from who they represent and must have a "consent of the governed" mindset, that is, politicians are to govern based on the will and input of the people they represent, not only what they think is best.

Believe in God

All politics is, is deciding on who gets power over others. It is within the best interest of the people to grant power to someone who believes he or she will be judged in the afterlife based on his or her actions as opposed to someone who doesn't believe.

To maintain an endorsement, candidates and politicians must maintain a high standard of honor, ethics and integrity.

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