Who we are

We The People Coalition is a collection of citizens from all backgrounds and all walks of life, united behind one common purpose, transferring power back to the people.

We believe

That politics as usual will get us no where. The divide amongst the people is intentional and manufactured by a select few who have the power. They have pitted the people against each other and convinced us we are each other’s enemies, and they are our allies depending on what team we are on.

We must take our power back

Through unity and peaceful activism. We the people must cast aside the labels that divide us and focus not on the emotional talking points we cannot agree on, rather, the fact that a select few have the power and we will never have the power if we continue to ask for it back. We must get engaged, be able to see the fault on all sides and stop asking for the corrupt actors to give us our power back, rather, we will take it back in one united voice.

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Our Advoacy

Federalism, term-limits, getting money out of politics and more. We will take our power back when the people unite and engage in peaceful activism with common goals for all.

"United we stand, divided we fall, let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs."