Who we are

We The People Coalition is a collection of peaceful and upstanding citizens from all backgrounds united behind one common purpose, transferring power back to the people by putting the right people into office.


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The battle ahead of us is no longer right vs left or democrat vs republican. rather, the battle is good vs evil. we must organize the good people so we can confront evil.

corbin sabol



Federalism, term-limits, getting money out of politics and more. We will take our power back when the people unite and engage in peaceful activism with common goals for all.

Endorsement guide

We The People Coalition endorses candidates for office who will end corruption and transfer power back to the people by:

Our dollar has no real value. We must return to the gold standard in order to transfer power back to the people.

Our political processes have been corrupted by spending and who has the most money. We must get money out of politics in order to transfer power back to the people.

Entrenched, career politicians have corrupted our political process. We must end the career politician in order to transfer power back to the people.

and much more!

It all boils down to this...

The "powers that be" or the "ruling class" want us divided

By our political disagreements, our skin color, our sexuality, our religion or even how much money is on our bank accounts

So THEY can remain in POWER and get wealthy off the backs of the people

Meanwhile, most politicians who are supposed to represent us and are supposed to ensure our government works for the people...

Are bought and paid for, corrupt and do the bidding of their donors, not the bidding of the people.

And now, our government is working in contrast to the interests of the American people

They and the special interests they serve are getting richer and we get poorer, regardless of who we vote for

And getting and building wealth gets harder and harder for the average American every day

What's it going to take for the people to unite and take our power back from those who stole it?

What COULD our reality look like if we united and removed the corrupt few from power?

United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs

patrick henry